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Jamie Balfour'sArticles

Why I will never buy another Mac again
24May2022 / Technology
I love Macs, but I also hate them for what they are.
Should the TV License be replaced?
21Jul2021 / Technology
The UK's TV License is an expensive yet very dated idea that needs to be looked at. In this article I take a look at the problems with the TV license as well as the difficulties that are faced with bringing in a replacement.
The move from Intel
19Jun2021 / Technology
The world of computing processors is shifting. More and more users, particularly those building custom PCs such as myself, are moving away from Intel. As someone who has shares in both Intel and AMD, I am often faced with the difficult choice as to who to put more of my money into these days.
The move from Intel
How did serial take over from parallel?
03Jan2020 / Technology
In this post I am discussing how serial communication overtook parallel communication as the main method of communication in computer systems.
How did serial take over from parallel?
A look at the last decade of gaming
31Dec2019 / Technology
The last decade had some amazing games, but also some truly awful ones. This is my top ten games of the last decade.
The importance of good syntax
11Oct2019 / Technology
Some languages really have easy to read and write syntaxes, whereas others sacrifice this for structure. What about the combination of both?
The Apple keyboard problem
10May2019 / Technology
Apple has a problem. I think it's time they addressed this.
How did AMD manage to make Threadripper so powerful?!
07Jan2019 / Technology
AMD's Threadripper is a beast. But how can it have 64 cores in a world where 4 cores is the norm?!
Is the sun finally Ryzen for AMD? A look at how AMD has changed.
20Dec2018 / Technology
AMD have long been in the shadow of Intel. But is it finally time for them to Ryzen shine? I take a look at how AMD has changed over the years and how they are finally getting there with the Ryzen CPUs.
Is the sun finally Ryzen for AMD? A look at how AMD has changed.
The biggest hog in ZPE
11May2017 / Technology
ZPE has been gradually getting faster and faster due to more optimisations at compile time, however, this month I began to really delve into the deep end and found some new ways that ZPE can be optimised. In this post I will discuss exactly what I'm going to do in order to do this.
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